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Students From Ecuador Will Now Be Permitted to Work up to 30 Hours per Week in Spain


Nationals of Ecuador who are pursuing their studies in Spain will now be able to work up to 30 hours per week as the Spanish authorities have introduced changes to the Immigration Law.

According to the Spanish authorities, the reform to the Immigration Law was approved by the government, and the changes will benefit both students as well as migrants in the country, reports.

Commenting on the new rules, the ambassador of Ecuador in Spain, Andrés Vallejo, said that by being permitted to work, students would be able to support themselves financially while in Spain.

In addition, the ambassador pointed out the positive impact of the reforms and said that the new rules would also benefit educated migrants from Ecuador who choose to reach Spain.

Apart from approving the law, which will now allow students to work in Spain, the latter’s authorities have also decided to accelerate and simplify the procedures for the recognition of foreign university degrees.

The decree for the acceleration and simplification of procedures for the recognition of university degrees issued abroad was approved by the Council of Ministers of Spain, and the new rules will enter into force on November 7.

The authorities have explained that in line with the new rules, foreigners who hold a university degree that has been issued in their country of origin will soon be able to prove through a more simplified procedure that their level of training is the same as the one that is required in Spain.

Perfil explained that the body in charge of making the above-mentioned changes relating to those who hold a foreign university degree is the Spanish Ministry of Universities. In addition, the same note that the decree, which aims to authorise educational titles that have been obtained abroad, is based on five main principles.

In addition to the above-mentioned, Spain has already adapted its immigration law to include migrant workers in its labour market. In September of this year, the European Union Commission said that the reform gives the right to those who have lived in Spain for two or more years to regularise their situation if they are skilled workers or if they have trained to be employed in sectors that need workers.

Moreover, those designated will also be able to obtain a work permit as well as a family reunification permit through a more facilitated process than before.

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