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Currently, there are online Phd masters and undergraduate courses one can offer without travelling to the country or going to the host university physically.

These online courses avails you the opportunity to study at the comfort of your home without having to travel or going to classrooms.

We are going to list available and current online courses by countries.



1) Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto:

This is one of the online Phd masters and undergraduate courses.

online Phd masters and undergraduate courses one

About the School

The University of Toronto, which was established in 1827, has developed into one of Canada’s top centers for education, research, and knowledge development. As one of the top research-intensive universities in the world, it is committed to fostering an academic community in which each member’s learning and scholarship can flourish. It is also driven to create and innovate new things.

Study Duration:

Future of Payments Course at the University of Toronto study duration is 6 months.

It is pertinent to note that it is a part time program.




Understanding the effects of open banking efforts and global payment technologies on company possibilities will help you get ready for the financial transformation.

Due to several advances in the payments sector, the world’s economic life has changed during the past ten years. Finance enthusiasts are attempting to create platforms that are independent of conventional financial institutions or governments as we move toward blockchain technology. Governments are also getting ready to launch digital currency and create fresh, alternative payment systems.

The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management’s online course FinTech: Future of Payments explores some of the industry’s most notable developments at the moment. You will examine the dangers, possibilities, business uses, and legal difficulties associated with the payment industry over the course of six weeks. You’ll discover how to support your institution’s success in this shifting environment and develop a greater grasp of the past, present, and future of payments.

To improve your comprehension of the movement of money within a global society, investigate the legal requirements and practical considerations underlying international payments. Additionally, you’ll learn more about the payment-related customer needs that traditional banking solutions fail to meet and how PayTech innovations are addressing these needs to get through current obstacles and financial exclusion.

Certificate to be Acquired:

Earn a certificate of formal professional achievement from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto while learning about advances in the payment ecosystem.

Assessment is ongoing and is based on a number of online practical exercises. You must fulfill the requirements listed in the program manual to receive a certificate. You’ll get access to the manual as soon as the program starts.

You will receive your certificate in your legal name after successfully completing the program and meeting all other prerequisites.


2) The MBA Tour, Canada.

Here is another online Phd masters and undergraduate courses.


Bengaluru, India, Vancouver, British Columbia, Calgary, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, and Halifax.

Brief Description

The In-Person Events of the MBA Tour
Everybody can find a business school. I’m yours.
Meet with top business schools from across the world in person. To suggest the best schools for you, our clever matching technology distills decades of experience. We’ll introduce you to people, get you access to exclusive panels and conversations, and assist you in networking with admissions staff, former students, and other applicants. Join us right now.

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3) Certified Digital Marketing Professionals| Online Courses: This one also another online Phd masters and undergraduate courses one


There were 4.4 billion active internet users around the world at the start of 2019. Of those, not less than 3.5 billion were frequent users of social media.

This Digital Marketing program is ideal for you if you are a total beginner, business owner, or marketing professional wishing to upgrade your skills.

Your introduction to all essential digital marketing principles and best practices, including email marketing, PPC advertising (Google Ads), and SEO, will be provided via the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course (Search Engine Optimization).

Locations: Canada, New York, USA, Toronto and San Francisco.


30 hours.

Course Overview and Syllabus:

Your internationally recognized certification and accreditation in digital marketing will provide you a thorough understanding of how to plan and carry out effective campaigns that have been shown to work. You will learn everything you need for success in your career in digital marketing, from social media marketing to search marketing.

You Will Stand to Gain the Following Upon Enrollment  and Certification:

updated and new condensed modules (introduction, social media, analytics and strategy).
130+ subjects with fresh learning techniques.
New test and practice exam.

The most important and revolutionary facets of digital marketing will be covered.

Our product team for our digital marketing course closely collaborates with top industry professionals to regularly develop, review, and update the content and learning outcomes.

approved by the members of the Global Advisory Council (GIAC) Including:






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AU Canada’s Online University: is an online Phd masters and undergraduate courses.

AU world class online University approved online courses and programs that provide you the freedom to study whenever it’s convenient for you and at your own speed.

AU Canada’s Online University Undergraduate Programs:

We offer learning solutions suited to your objectives with over 50 online undergraduate and graduate degree, diploma, and certificate programs to select from.

How AU Undergraduate studies Works

Athabasca University’s flexibility and openness allow you control over your life.

Students from all across Canada and the world can enroll in online and distance learning courses and programs at Athabasca University. Our institution differs from regular universities, and you might be a good fit.

Application Procedure:

Depending on your desired study level (undergraduate or graduate), where you live, and whether you want to enroll in a full program or just a few courses, the application process varies a little.

Your online application will take you to Apply Alberta, the province of Alberta’s online application system, if you are applying to enroll in an undergraduate program. Before submitting your application and paying the one-time, non-refundable application cost, be prepared to state which program you are interested in. Before submitting your application, get in touch with Counseling Services if you need assistance choosing a program. You will be given an AU student ID number as soon as you are accepted to AU, which serves as official admission documentation.

There are several steps involved in applying to graduate programs. The majority of programs have application deadlines and have set admissions times. You can begin working on your application whenever you like.

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Current Massive Open Online Courses: Another online Phd masters and undergraduate courses is this

The University of Alberta and Coursera have teamed together to create challenging and highly engaging Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that can be taken for credit by UAlberta students as well as possibly by students from other universities.

University of Alberta Online Courses:


A special collaboration between the University of Alberta and UiT The Arctic University of Norway resulted in the creation of Development, a 4-week course. Students will investigate the issues and possibilities that northern communities face, as well as how these impact regional development in a changing Arcticle.

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Indigenous Canada: Here is another online Phd masters and undergraduate courses one

A 12-lesson course called Indigenous Canada examines Canadian Indigenous histories and current challenges.

This course examines important issues affecting Indigenous peoples, with a focus on local and national Indigenous-settler interactions.

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