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Number of Doctoral Students in Germany Increases by 4% in 2021

200,300 people enrolled at German institutions of higher education in 2021, representing a four per cent increase of 8,000 additional students compared to the previous month.

According to the German office for statistics, Destatis, the ratio of women and men pursuing such studies in German universities is imbalanced, with men leading, reports.

More specifically, there are 95,100 women enrolled as doctoral students, representing 48 per cent, and the remaining 52 per cent (105,200) were men.

“In 2020, the relation of women to men had been 47 per cent to 53 per cent. The average age of doctoral students was 30.2 years. 45,600 doctoral students (23 per cent) had foreign citizenship,” Destatis explains.

Furthermore, the total data shows that 45,647 of the students are foreigners, with 52.8 per cent of those being women. In addition, 99 per cent of doctoral students are pursuing their advanced studies in universities across Germany.

On the other hand, about 86 individuals of doctoral students are finishing their studies in colleges of education, colleges of theology (110), colleges of art (203) and university of applied sciences (42).

As per German nationals, there are a total of 200,307 people attending doctoral studies, with 52.4 per cent being male students (105,161) and 47.5 per cent being women (95,146). Again, universities represent the main institutions where doctoral students attend their studies – about 197,938 of those or 98.8 per cent of the total.

After universities, colleges of art recorded 913 doctoral students, followed by colleges of education with 678 doctoral students, colleges of theology (555) and universities of applied sciences (223).

The number of students in Germany is generally on the rise, with occasional students recording a four per cent increase in the winter season of 2021/2022. More specifically, the number of such students peaked at 27,400 students – 1,096 up from 2020. However, this number is below the pre-pandemic levels by 26 per cent, with 37,200 students.

Data from Erudera, the first education search platform supported by AI, shows that the total number of international students in Germany is 416,437, with 78 per cent of those representing 324,729 students being international students and 91,708 being local students.

Two main countries of origin for international students in Germany are China and India, with 40,122 and 28,542 students, respectively. Syrians (16,931) and Austrians (13,612) follow on the list, while Russians are ranked fifth with 10,573 students. Other countries of origin for international students include Iran (10,561), Turkey (10,018) and Italy (8,576).

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