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Norway Allocates NOK 50 Million to 17 Universities


The Norwegian government has allocated NOK 50 million to a total of 17 universities, which will be used to cover travel expenses for students participating in internships that are not close to their place of study.

The universities that will receive the most funding are Norway’s Arctic University, the University of Western Norway, and VID University of Applied Sciences. The support, which intends to increase the number of internships provided in health and social studies courses, has been announced as part of the 2022 revised national budget, reports.

“The money is now allocated to 17 state and private universities and colleges. The government has previously allowed money for 300 new study places in nursing education and specialist nursing education, and asked universities and colleges to establish 200 new study places in nursing education within existing frameworks,” a media release issued by the Ministry of Education reads.

Last year, the ministry said there is a need for more nurses in Norway; therefore, the government should increase the number of study places in nursing by 500, starting in autumn 2022. Back then, the ministry also said that it was important to offer better access to internships.

Research and Higher Education Minister Ola Borten Moe said that although the government has created several study places, more internships are needed, pointing out that the whole country should be used as a practice arena.

“In 2022, we will follow up with direct support to educational institutions to make it easier for students to have an internship far from campus. Good news for the municipalities and the approximately 3,500 students who can now receive support for an internship,” Minister said.

Some other universities that will receive funding are the University of Oslo, The University of Southeast Norway, The University of Molde, Lovisenberg Diaconal College, the University of Stavanger, the University of Bergen, and more.

Earlier this month, the Norwegian government allocated €8.8 million to 13 higher education institutions for international educational cooperation with partners in Brazil, Japan, India, South Africa, China, the United States, Canada, and South Korea.

After announcing the allocation of more than 8 million to universities and colleges, Minister Borten Moe expressed delight that more students will be able to attend exchange programs in partner countries under this project.

According to Statista, a German data provider, the number of students at higher education institutions in Norway increased over the past ten years. In 2021, there were 318,105 students in higher education in the country, an increase from 306,453 in 2020.

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