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John Delaney, drops out of race before Iowa caucuses


WIKI DAILY__Former Maryland congressman and businessman who was once the youngest CEO on the New York Stock Exchange, John Delaney, who was the first among the Democrat to announce his interest to run for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination has just announced his withdrawal from the race.

After giving so much up, including his relatively safe congressional seat in Maryland to run the presidential campaign that began in July 2017, only to exit the race before the first ballots were cast after barely registering in the polls.

“This came as a result of internal analyses clearly showing John’s support is not enough to meet the 15% viability in a material number of caucus precincts, but sufficient enough to cause other moderate candidates to not to make the viability threshold, especially in rural areas where John has campaigned harder than anyone,” his campaign said in an announcement Friday morning.

John Delaney giving a speech

Emphasized in a statement from Delaney’s corner that while it is his outermost wish to see Democrats tackle progressive issues, they must do so with “pragmatic, fact-based, bipartisan solutions.”

John Delaney in his campaign pushed back on far-left policies boosted by some of the top contenders in the primary, including “Medicare-for-all.”

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