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Highest Paid Engineering Jobs in UK

Engineering is a highly rewarding career in UK. According to relevant estimation, Engineers are ranked among the top five employees who earn most in UK.

On average, the annual salary for an engineer in UK is around £50,000. Depending on several factors, like the sector at which you’re engaged in, your education and professional qualifications and your work experience, salaries for Engineers in UK layout in a wide range. If you have relevant experience in the industrial sector and have a strong professional background you can expect to earn above £80,000 annually.

Engineering is a broad subject and it includes numerous disciplines. If you have already decided to seek a career in Engineering, but you’re wondering which one would be most profitable to you, given below we present to you the Engineering highest paying jobs in UK

Chemical, pharmaceutical and medical Engineers

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Medical Engineers combine their understanding of core Engineering principles with their strong knowledge in Medicine in order to develop modern equipment which would help medical health professionals provide a better and much efficient service.

At a time when medicine engineering is evolving fast, the need for these professionals is ever-growing. Except for high employability Chemical, pharmaceutical and medical engineers are among the highest paying engineering jobs in the UK. On average, they earn around £51,000 annually.

Typical Degree:  Chemical Engineering

Relevant Degrees: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineering is a challenging profession, but worth-seeking, regarding financial benefits. Electrical Engineers are in charge of designing and controlling the manufacturing process of electrical devices to ensure they fulfill the required standards. Since electricity is an integral part of everything in our daily life, these professionals enjoy high employability. On top of that, Electrical Engineers in UK are amongst the highest paid employees. On average, the annual salary of an electrical engineer in UK is around £48,900.

Typical Degree: Electrical Engineering

Relevant Degrees: Computer Engineering, Software Engineering

Aerospace Engineers

The UK prides one of the most modern aeronautical system in the world. That said, seeking a career in Aerospace Engineering will be satisfying. In addition to that, your wallet will be always enough loaded because Aerospace Engineers are on the list of the highest paid engineers in UK. The averaged annual salary of Aerospace Engineers in UK is around £47,800. Depending on the role you’re given in the workplace your salary in this sector can increase beyond £60,000.

Typical Degree: Aerospace Engineering

Relevant Degree: Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering

Academic Engineers

If you don’t want to work in the industrial sector, but rather seek higher academic education, then an academic engineering career is a perfect fit for you. This job is both exciting and profitable to you. Alongside the unique opportunity to prepare the young engineers for their future career your earnings will stay relatively high. On average an academic engineer in UK earns around £44,500.

Typical Degree: Engineering

Relevant Degrees:  Every type of Engineering degree

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers design and test the production of mechanical machines which can be used in a wide variety of industrial sectors ranging from automotive engineering to information technology. Using their professional competence in Engineering they can work of developing modern machinery and optimizing the actual ones.

Considered the broadest discipline of Engineering, mechanical engineers have countless job career opportunities. The high responsibility that they carry in their job worth the cost as it pays quite well. On average the annual salary for a mechanical engineer in UK is around £41,000.

Typical Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Degrees: Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Civil Engineers 

Civil Engineers are in charge of designing and surveying the construction process of buildings, roads, bridges, pipeline systems, etc. They also are in charge of continuously checking if their objects meet the required quality standards to avoid the risks of unwanted scenarios.

Since their role is so massive, Civil Engineers are so much needed in the job market. Since their job is this much valuable for the community, they are also among the highest paid employees in UK. On average a Civil Engineer in UK earns around £41,000.

Typical Degree: Civil Engineering

Relevant Degrees: Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering

Design and Development Engineers 

Design and Development Engineers conceptualize and design different products using their understanding of engineering principles to achieve simultaneously the aesthetic appealing and the aimed quality. Their role in the manufacturing process is very important in a wide range of industries ranging from textile to automotive industries.

A career as a Design and Development Engineer is worth every single cent because besides countless job opportunities your earnings will be relatively satisfying. On average Design and Development Engineers in UK earn £40,900 per year.

Typical Degree: Development Engineering

Relevant Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Environmental and Agricultural Engineers

Environmental and Agricultural Engineers are concerned with the design and building of modern equipments which are both efficient and friendly to the environment. In a time when the environmental challenges are affecting each one of us, environmental engineering experts will be much needed to help us deal with future challenges.

According to current estimations, Environmental and Agricultural Engineers earn on average £40,500 annually.

Typical Degree: Environmental and Agricultural Engineering

Relevant degrees: Architectural Engineering, Design Engineering

Production and Process Engineers

Production and Process Engineers take care of the entire production by designing and mentoring the whole process of production so the final product meets the intended quality. These employees use their knowledge to optimize equipment and facilitate the stages that need to be done for successful completion of the production.

The UK is home to many industrial companies, accounting for a high employability to these Engineers. On average, they earn around £39,815 per year.

Typical Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Relevant degree: Design Engineering

Quality Control and Planning Engineers

The quality of the final product is of great importance. This task is a responsibility of Quality Control and Planning Engineers. These employees are in charge of controlling the quality standards of the product at each stage of the project and are required to provide their professional guidance to reach that aimed quality.

Alongside being a very important position in the industrial sector, Quality Control and Planning Engineers are amongst the highest paid in UK. On average, if you work as a Quality Control and Planning Engineer in UK you can expect to earn around £38,100 annually.

Typical Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Degrees: Electrical Engineering, Design Engineering.