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2022-2023 Google Conference Scholarship in America

2022-2023 Google Conference Scholarship in America is a scholarship fully sponsored by Google. This scholarship includes application fee, tuition fees, welfare, accommodation and many other things which the scholarship Value can cover.

Google thinks that in order to create tools that have the potential to transform the world, a variety of skills, backgrounds, and viewpoints are required. We also think that everyone should have the chance to explore professional connections, peer networking, and a career in technology. We’re pleased to announce Google Conference Scholarships for specific conferences in the technology industry and allied fields in an effort to reduce the obstacles that prohibit underrepresented groups in business and technology from attending top conferences.

Please study the details on the region-specific tabs at the top as eligibility for scholarships vary by region. The most qualified applicants will get scholarships after an application evaluation. According to the timelines established for the region, each candidate will be informed of their status.

2022-2023 Google Conference Scholarship in America

2022-2023 Google Conference Scholarship in America

2022-2023 Google Conference Scholarship in America Eligibility:

We’ve structured our North American program to expose job prospects to those who identify as historically excluded in tech, while all qualified industry professionals and students are welcome to apply. These people include those who identify as women, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/First Nations, and Black/African American/Caribbean/West Indies.

You must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply for the North America Google Conference Scholarship.

. possess a solid academic and/or professional background and a track record of leadership
. being able to attend one or more of the conference’s main days (either virtually or in-person)
. A resident of North America or one of its territories, a student or worker there, or a person who will be there while the conference takes place.
. Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
Applications must be finished the day of the deadline by 5:00 p.m. ET.

2022-2023 Google Conference Scholarship in America Scholarship Value:

Google will cover all fees for eligible persons.

Scholarship Application Procedure:

By the deadline for the conference you want to attend, kindly submit this form. We are presently accepting submissions to reimburse conference fees due to the change to virtual conferences.

Application Deadline

All year long, we accept applications on a rolling basis; as a result, qualified candidates will hear from us about four weeks after applying.



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