Top 17 Web Design and UI Trends for 2019

by Francis Ocran
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Do you remember what is the color of this year? Living Coral. What does it mean for a designer? The ability to find the inner source, expand without ego and build something beautiful and bigger than themselves. Knowing that underneath every tech problem is a people problem, web design trends in 2019 continue to evolve and change.

Today, designers need to focus more on the design that solves real human problems than on the design that matters. It’s time to forget ultra-light grays for essentials or animated every single pixel just because it looks nice. Instead, try to do more by doing less, without being too complex or boring. In 2019, the ever-changing technologies require designers to sat ahead of the curve even more. Voice, augmented reality, custom illustrations, immersive 3D components – there seems no end of the diversity of web design and UI trends in 2019. Thus, once you decide to provide the user with a high level of usability, remember to make them happy. All in all, the happier user makes your bottom line happy.


#1: Open & Colorful Minimalism

Still thinking that minimalist design used black text and white backgrounds? Think again. Even though big tech giants used only muted and neutral color palettes in their marketing for a long time, things have changed recently. Today projects pop with color. It’s more like a mix of color and creativity that adds a new twist to minimalism – colorful. No more blandness or conformity. Instead try out a mix of bold fonts, futuristic elements or simple gradients. Colorful minimalism lends a cohesive and eye-catching feel to the designs, leaving less for users to think about.


Global Logistics | Transportation HTML Template

Global Logistics Transportation HTML Template


#2: Mobile First

Since 2015, mobile searches overtook desktop ones overall, making responsiveness the compulsory trend. In 2019, more than ever, responsive design matters. It has gone its way from being a shiny trend to a shift in the thinking behind building websites. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it most likely needs a complete redesign. Being busy or non-tech-savvy is no excuse to have a non-responsive website. Again, the mighty Google has changed its algorithm for indexing pages – mobile first, desktop second. As a result, penalizing those that are not, Google makes responsive web design an important factor in SEO strategy plans.

Dentalux | Dentist & Healthcare Site Template

Dentalux Dentist & Healthcare Site Template


#3: CSS Grids

CSS grids are still a popular web design trend that makes your web design a lot easier. Today it’s more a mix of integrated new tools with existing features. Modern CSS offers a new level of interaction, responsiveness, and data visualization. Today you can place an element where you want it, both vertically and horizontally. Everything that previously required extensive JavaScript involvement, is possible with CSS grid today. Since 2018, the majority of browsers started to support CSS grid so this trend would be right at home in 2019.

SmartSEO | SEO & Marketing HTML Theme

Smart SEO & Marketing HTML Theme


#4: Oversized Headlines

With today’s society on the go, users seem to have less and less time to spend on websites. By putting more visual weight on your brand message you increase chances to get noticed by users. Push the boundaries of typography and experiment even with the stranger ideas. At the end of the day, you’ll see that the latter are more at home earlier in the process. With so many typography trends to follow, the font size is a true bounty. That’s why large, bolded headlines (sometimes may be paired with smaller sub-text copy or video background) capture users faster. But to make it happen, go and experiment. Subtract parts of letters and words, try resizable fonts, put photography inside typography, or animate typography.


#5: Challenging Gradients, Vibrant Colors, Dark Background

Looking for a way to make your design pop? Head on over to more complex gradients and duotones. With a fantastic rendition of colors on new screens, designers tend to explore the boundaries of impressive gradients. What if to limit yourself to just one color, or no color at all? What if to put gradients and vibrant colors on the dark background? Sure, vivid and trippy color combinations are going to be among the hottest web design and UI trends in 2019.

Just because gradients add realism and depth to illustrations, text, and elements, 2019 is going to be more fun. Just like any new trend, designers are going to find unique ways to use it as time progresses. They can be bold or subtle, mix and blend different shades of colors, create new color combinations, lending a completely unique feel to designs. Without a doubt, vibrant colors and gradients are a winning choice this year.

19 Web Design and UI Trends for 2019 You Can't Pass On


#6: Broken Grid, Asymmetrical Layouts

Sure, this trend is not a new trend but it seems to be popular even in 2019. Today more and more designers advocate for the fresh, striking look of broken. Why? Well, it’s a great way to get creative when asked to do more. Sometimes when you need to go beyond a clean, neat look, broken grids and asymmetrical designs are the top dogs.

How far can you go crossing your creative boundaries? As long as you understand the rule of layering, proportion, and whitespace, it’s easy to be a cut. Breaking out of the rigid and predictable grids, asymmetrical layouts create visuals that feel more bespoke and alive. Use the visual hierarchy, different colors, shapes, and textures, add eye-catching images to direct the users to where you need it. But do it right, or else you risk ending up with a stylish design that nobody understands how to use.

19 Web Design and UI Trends for 2019 You Can't Pass On


#7: Geometric, Organic Shapes

Geometric shapes have solidly taken their place somewhere between the flat design and broken grids trends. And for a good reason. Just because simple triangles, squares, hexagons, and circles can be easily integrated into the overall structure, they’re going to be hot in 2019. Want to express the brand identity and create a hierarchy? Don’t skimp on the basic geometry shapes.

Today more and more designers are using colorful shapes to draw user’s attention. If done right, you can create forms and combinations that can evoke emotions you want your users to feel. Say, want to represent the stability of your brand? Head on over to the rectangle. Circles are used to represent utility, while rhombuses and triangles are associated with something dynamic.

19 Web Design and UI Trends for 2019 You Can't Pass On


#8: Website Loading Speed

Today time is precious on the web. Being extremely impatient, people can’t wait for more than 2 seconds to load any webpage. Are you sure that the response time of your website is as low as possible? You can’t afford to alienate a good chunk of visitors with a slowly loaded website today. That’s no good. So, making sure that your website loading speed is two seconds or less is the top priority in 2019. Besides, being the king of the search engines, Google ranks those websites higher, considering speed as the primary parameter. So, take care of your site’s speed during the design process.

Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

Drone Media Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme


#9: Next-level Illustrations and Animations

Bored with designs that look the same? Be different. Enhance your brand messaging by creating unique illustrations. The value of illustrations never is less, as it can clarify hard things in a more engaging way. No matter your industry or niche, eye-catching illustrations are a part of marketing strategy. Want to help your business stand out in a noisy marketplace? Remember that people are 323 percent better at following directions with illustrations than without ones. (, the choice is yours.

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