Gmail Big Redesign for Android and iOS

by Francis Ocran
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Google is rolling out a new update for its Gmail app (opens in new tab) on both Android and iOS that lets users make instant calls through the Chat tab without needing to create an invitation link first.

First announced earlier this year, the feature now lets you start in-app one-to-one calls by simply tapping on the phone or video-camera icons in the top right corner of the chat screen.

How to make calls in Gmail

First, launch the app and tap on the ‘Chat’ tab, then select a group or an individual you’d like to call. Next, locate the phone and the video icons in the top corner of the chat. Tap on the preferred method of calling, and that’s it!

How to make calls in Gmail

You can also join an existing call by tapping on the phone or video icon that you can see within the one-on-one chat. The Chat tab also allows you to see if you’ve got any missed calls with another user. You should be able to see a red phone or video icon under another user’s or group’s name.

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